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All our meat and poultry products are processed in local government-inspected facilities.


Scottish Highland CattleScottish Highland Cattle, a Canadian heritage breed, are raised from birth, in a tranquil environment, only grass fed, growing slowly to market weight. Consistent with their Scottish heritage, the cattle are finished with oats and barley. Our vertical integration including pasture, hay and grains ensures year-round quality feed. Our closed-herd breeding program allows us to offer only beef born and raised here.

Products available include:

  • T-bone steaks
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Roasts
  • Extra-lean ground beef & patties
Other cuts, halves and quarters are available.


Our pigs
Purchased from a reputable grower, our piglets are raised in the pasture, where they can run free, and graze on broad-leaf plants and grasses, and root in the soil for nutrients. They do not know what a cage is; we are strong believers in a stress free environment for our animals.

Products available include:

  • Loin chops and roasts
  • Shoulder chops and roasts
  • Leg roasts and steaks
  • Ground pork
Other cuts, halves and quarters are available.


Our Lambs
Lambs are raised on the farm. They are a Cotswold-Leicester cross. Like their bovine and porcine brethren, they too are grass fed. Supplementary oats and barley are milled at the farm for their daily snacks.

Products available include:

  • Leg
  • Shoulder & loin chops


Our LambsOur chickens and turkeys are pasture fed and free range. Their diet is supplemented with home milled grains. Chickens are available, frozen, year round, and fresh in early summer and mid fall. Turkeys are available on a seasonal basis. Because of limited availability, we accept pre-orders of these products.


Our gardenTo complement our meat products, we offer a full range of in- season fresh vegetables. Pesticide free and organically fertilized they grow and taste the way vegetables should taste. Off season, try our delicious fermented sauerkraut or cherry tomatoes. Not to your fancy? Try our range of preserves. We offer everything from beets to spinach. Individually frozen fruits and vegetables are also an option.

Home Products

Home ProductsAll of our products are made in-house with our own meat and produce. These items are perfect for hostess gifts, those days when you’re too busy to cook, or even when you’d like to enjoy the farm-fresh produce without the hassle of preparing it yourself.

Products available include:

  • Vegetarian tomato sauce
  • Tomato and zesty!
  • Tomato broth
  • Sweet green relish (grown & processed in Canada)
  • Sweet pickles
  • Dill pickles
  • Spiced red beets
  • Minestrone soup...just add pasta and heat
  • Garden Vegetable soup
  • Maple Syrup (wood fired)

Hand Artisanry

Hand ArtisanryWe have a lot of wool. Our wool is a Cotswold-Leicester cross. It is long and has a lot of spring. Its colour is an off-white, consistent with the breed. Available carded or spun. Wool is dyed with natural dyes such as walnut or beets. Check to see what is available.

Hand Carded Wool

Hand ArtisanryHand carded wool, available in 50g plus bags. Hand spun 2 ply wool, worsted weight, available in 50 g increments.


Hand ArtisanryWe have hand woven rag rugs, woven with cotton and wool, all done on the farm. All weaving projects done to order. Allow 4-6 weeks for completion.

Gift Baskets

Looking for that perfect gift? Why not try one of our baskets. All our baskets are environmentally wrapped and presented. Our most popular baskets are below, but please contact us and we will arrange your custom order. Priced from $30.00.

Breakfast Basket
Freshly roasted, free trade, rain forest friendly coffee and 2 cups, Maple Syrup from the farm, home-made pancake mix, bacon, Tea towels

Herbs & Spices
Just the gift for the new home: a blend of various herbs and spices grown or blended here on the farm: sage, oregano, thyme, coriander pods, dill seeds and leaves, barbecue rub, garam masala. Prices dependent on choice and size of order

Plethora of Produce
You pick the products, we custom package it in an attractive array


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